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The Gift of Understanding

I had a desire,

a prayer, really –

of how it should go.

My doubting heart considered it wishful thinking.

But the courage within won 

and I expressed it, anyway –

not caring if I looked,

or sounded, foolish.

And then,

when the moment arrived,

my prayer was answered,

            just like that, 

exactly as imagined.

It seemed an effortless occurrence

and had the quality of

           of course this is how it should go…

I was blown away, warmed up, lit up, and loved –

completely – and all at once

in that moment.

This is what a sudden dawning feels like.

I wondered at how

it wasn’t even a formal prayer –

with head bowed low,

spoken in desperation or

pious humility.

But I did speak it from my heart

and out loud

               to You –

and I shared it with others.

It must have counted…

because it was realized.

I know now,

ever more deeply, that

You are here,

with me,

and in this life of mine.

And when I look back,

I see your traces –

your hand,

your heart,

molding, leading, comforting,

ever more clearly.

I am like a baby playing peek-a-boo…

the joy of discovery

brings me intense happiness.

You are here.

I can see you!

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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