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Grateful Heart

There is a lifting above

and a grounding below,

a warming at the center –

when I remember.

It is like the unexpected gift

presented with love

and perfect timing.

Or the lightness of being

that comes

with surrender

and trust –

even in the midst of

struggle or pain.

I hold onto it

even as I let go,

allowing the divine

to move through,

heal me with its dawning.

“I was born with a grateful heart,”

says the patient

on her dying bed.

I marvel at the gift she has

and how it fills her up at the end,

easing the way.

And then I remember,

so was I.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

Gratefu Heart

7 thoughts on “Grateful Heart

  1. I have just found your blog and I am planning to read it from both ends. I feel like I identify with you and your relationship with God and the way you express your life through poetry. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! So glad you can resonate with my writing and soul work. How did you find me? Please feel free to share my blog with others and be in touch whenever you want to connect to me. Be well! Cynthia


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