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Gradually Getting It

Here is the nub of it all:

Like a white birch tree,

along a rocky shore,

I am most beautiful, healthy, and free,

when I am part of

the whole picture,

blending into the larger scene.

Standing alone,

 while interesting,

makes the tree more 

vulnerable to the wind and weather.

One has to ask,

              What will happen if I drop my striving and planning?

More and more,

this question arrives, and

I dare to loosen my grip,

embracing the magic

of trust and letting go –

I follow inspiration,

and stop making it all

about me.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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Then Sings My Soul


When wanting meets realization

and dis-ease catches a glimpse

of healing,

my eyes spring open –

and I can see, once again,

how You are right here,

right here.

Life is a beautiful dance.

The music always plays,

with You leading my steps,

and I, in faith, following,

sometimes tripping along-

crying or laughing my way forward –

humbled by my missteps,

and blessed when I move

with grace.


and more and more,

I realize,

when I look up

from my preoccupation with

my own feet,

You are here,

You are here.

The dance we share

is as reliable as Life itself.

and its music

floats my heart skyward

as my soul

breaks into song.


Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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It Happens…


….. if we are one of the lucky ones, that is.

We get older.

When did this natural reality –

with wrinkles in the mix,

become a source of shame?

I admit it,

I struggle with the mirror.

We, me and the mirror, have a daily dialogue which

is too personal to share…

For this reason, 

I try to keep my glasses off

when near a reflective surface,

like a mirror or window,

that is how silly of a woman I can be.

I am angry that I was taught

to be self-conscious, evaluative

on a daily basis.

Why do we do this to women, to girls?

I marvel how men could care less.

Their freedom is awesome

and also more affordable.

And as a spiritual woman,

I am embarrassed I still struggle with all this.

I know I go deeper than all that.

So, I am learning to embrace my wrinkles,

and all the rest of it –

as a woman in my fifties.

This is just another example of

how I must get out of my own way

in order to be

the wonderful creation

I was meant to be –

so I can be free, too.


give me laughter,

give me love,

give me purpose,

and humility, too.

Bless me with health.

That is all I really need.

I  will take care of myself

as best I can,

and let go of the rest

with grace.

Life is way too short

and I know too well

where this all heads.

But I am not there yet.

My wrinkles tell a story…

the story of me.

Amen to that.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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Vitamin See

Pay attention to what you bring into view

but fret not too much

the ingredients on the box.

Nourishment is more than simply

what you eat or drink.

Have you noticed lately

how the trees are bursting?

Is the sound of the sea echoing in 

your mind and your heart, too?

Have you touched a hand lately –

really held it ? The warmth of another

traveling up your arm and straight into your soul?

Our minds are so full and busy,

we open our eyes and barely see,

we breathe but only a little –

just enough to keep going,

but not enough to be present.

Take a walk outside.

Let the sun bathe you,

the trees whisper,

the birds perform their dances,

all for you.

Go barefoot on the beach

and sink a little

into the comfort of being held

by a Love much bigger

than your great imagination –

a Love that holds you up.

Can you hear the quiet of the morning?

It holds the soft hum of Life itself.

This is how to cleanse:

nourish yourself with awareness,

with trees and soil,

with touch.

Copyright © Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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I Will Be Your Anchor

When you feel overwhelmed by

the rush of cold water around you,

I will be your anchor.

When the darkness below tries

to pull you under,

I will be your anchor.

When the winds catch your sail,

and threaten to toss you 

to a scary destination,

I will be your anchor,

keeping you attached –

tethered to the strength

I have given you.

Life will push you about,

bring changes and dangers.

No one can avoid this,

for each of us has our own

path of peril

through which to pass

and learn from the passing.

None of this is to be taken personally – except

God’s promises to be in the muck with us.

We are like trees with roots that run deep,

roots that hold us up in the storms.

We fall over when the roots

are allowed to decay.

God says, Stay tethered to me.

I will be your anchor, your root.

Hang on to me –

and never let go.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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Beyond the Surface of Things

I see your smile,

how nicely you are put together –

the thought placed in what you present

to the world,

to me.

Underneath it all,

is the secret you keep to yourself.

You could be as finely tuned inside

as you are on the outside,

with a heart wide open –

smoothly pumping,

ready for Life to be born before you,

eager for use and expression.

Or, you could be

broken and faltering,

tired and lumbering along,

with all your systems, heart included,

weakened by the work of Life,

ready to rest,

alone in all your suffering –

even though none of this is revealed

on your surface.

We can bloom and grow in life

or crumble in the living of it.

One wonders at the choices along the way

that shape each path.

It seems to me,

we are like plants deprived of sun and water,

and wither because of it,

the more we live as if 

we have no need of God.

I see it at the end –

the weathering or

the glowing

when final breaths are taken –

and I know which path

I choose to take.

Abide with me, precious God,

and continue to show me the way

to live beyond the surface of things.

Radiate through me

from that deep place

that connects me to all there is,

now and forever.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


Poem · Poetry

A Humble Confession

I am learning that

the work of being grounded

is an ever-present process –

               and I am not so good at it.

It is more than simply getting up

and making time for prayer and meditation –

though that is a good start.

To be grounded,

requires moment by moment attention

to what is placed before me –

and then discerning,

with God’s assistance,

which direction to take

in moving forward.

It is constant communion

with divine intelligence and love –

and I admit,

it is not easy for me to remember this.

Oh, I start off well –

I am a great meditator over my morning coffee.

I am dedicated to starting well.

But as the day gets going,

I forget to bring God into it with me –

I get caught up in my own agenda and

the pattern of routine.

I forget I am here for God,

and the usual happens –

the miserable discontent sneaks back in

and my focus ends up being

all about me –

what I can control

and what I cannot.

It is frustratingly stupid and human of me.

For, my soul knows better.

I know that all I need do is 

let go and let God.

The more I get out of my own way,

the more peace and freedom

I will have.

We all make it so hard

when it is actually so simple:

learn to listen to the insights

that come your way –

like this one –

and in listening,

open your heart to actually

putting your insights to work in

your day to day life.

It means pausing often and

paying attention – which,

is the hard part for all of us in

our agenda-driven, pre-occupied and busy lifestyle.

But I am not giving up, for

the cost is too high.

I am open to learning more deeply

what unceasing prayer and communion

with God is really like.

My hand and my heart are 

open to receive…

So, my current insight?

Get over yourself and

Let God into your whole day,

not just your morning.

Trust that you are not alone

and there is nothing that needs to be 

figured out on your own.

Everything everywhere 

is already all right.

Relax more and enjoy!

Pause to remember –

and do that often!

Let the truth of God’s assurance and presence 

shine through your whole day.

God, indeed, has my back

and freedom and joy are within reach

as constant companions.

That is my current work –

to listen and believe.

Sound familiar?

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018