Work of Heart

Don’t be so exhausted

by the project

of being you.

We are not designed 

to be so tired.

You already know this to be true.

Witness the ease 

of a blooming flower.

It just does beautifully

what it is meant to do.

Feel the peace that comes

when you walk along a shoreline.

It makes you feel at home.

This peace is available

within you.

Notice the presence in the eyes

of your beloved pet –

you are looking at a teacher

and the lesson is Love.

We belong to this ease,

this peace,

this way of being.

It is not supposed to be

hard work to be here.

So relax.

Allow Life to breathe through you.

Life lives through us.

There is nothing to figure out

or improve.

Simply pay attention,

look within,

and feel it.

All is well.

This is so simple

yet we make it so hard.

We tend to choose our own way,

so we struggle.

We don’t have to.

Copyright: Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021

Our bodies know we belong. Its our thoughts that make us homeless.

John O’Donahue

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