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Christmas Present


A new dawning

has been gifted this Christmas.

Beyond the ribbons and bows,

the lights and sparkle,

is a deeply hidden present.

It is wrapped in illumination

and sacred text and story.

Why is it hidden,

this beautiful gift?

It has been buried

by our own distraction

with the hustle and bustle,

the stress and need

to make Christmas special

by our own means –

as if we could control

the gift.

We miss the point.

We speed past the Truth.

We look away from the infant,

tiny and helpless –

completely dependent,

wrapped in Love.

Little baby Jesus was born

to show us the way –

how to Be.

There is no need to

control, construct, or solve

Christmas –

or life.

All is in place.

What we need is to be humble enough

to receive the goodness

God holds for each of us.

We are but infants.

Embracing this Humility with gratitude

is Christmas delivered –

and it is a miracle

when it is received.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

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