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As We Grow

As we grow,

we broaden.

An infant sees only

what is right in front of them –

their vision limited

to what is within the fish bowl.

An older person

can see beyond the protection

of those early limits…

This is the gift of wisdom.

Wisdom sees what is

and what is beyond –

its vision, earned.

Its gift,

one of liberation.

Wisdom’s glow may be hidden

under a weathered face

and broken body…

but it is present,

and lights with warmth

within the older heart.

So, dare not to discount

the mature among you…

for ignoring that inner glow,

is a loss akin to

walking past a beautiful sunset

on a gorgeous day

and missing the message

written in the sand

below your feet.

When a mature one

crosses your path,

let wisdom arise

and bless you.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018


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The Body Knows

Oh, the tattletale that lives within

that whispers all my secrets!

I wear my thoughts and habits


and in the sea of tension

that seems at constant

high tide

filling up all my spaces

and flexing my muscles

long after their work is done.

Reversing this tide

and harnessing my inner moon

is a daily task

that calls –

like music calls to my heart,

or insight calls to my pen.

I have to ask myself:

What is this inner grip, this tension

really all about?

I have a magic tool

which will help me to know.

I stop. I breathe. I listen.

The body knows.

With amazing patience,

it waits for me.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

body meditating on beach

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Don’t Let Go


Like a warm blanket

takes the chill away

from my weighted shoulders,

your Presence is sweet comfort.

When alert,

I catch glimpses of you,

and they are just enough

to enliven

that inner pilot light

you so gracefully set

to burn within me.

Sometimes it burns fiercely

and then I know –

that is what flames are meant to do.

You are with me all the time.

You are my inner light,

waiting to flame up

every time I dare

to share its healing energy.

I surrender to the flame,

to its powerful glow,

trusting that

when the chill dares to set in

from time to time –
when I manage to turn away

for a minute

or a month,

you will wrap me up in your

inviting Presence,

hold me close,

and re-light the flame.

Don’t let go.


Copyright © Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

hand lighting candle