The Nub of It All


You will not find your way through a constant push. You will not reach your perceived pinnacle by force of will or never-ending trying. Believe it or not, the struggle is not necessary. In fact, it is harmful. For the more you exert against your imagined challenges, the farther away from presence you are. So, drop it all. Let go of your effortful ways. Open your eyes and look upon yourself as if you are separate from who you are in the world…because, in fact, you are. And as you look, don’t you dare be harsh. For there is no judgment here. We are all given this chance to learn to correct ourselves and embrace a larger belonging. We are born infants in a world which leads us astray from the truth of who we really are. Only those who catch glimpses of this reality are able to wake up and be free. So, get curious about how you move through your day. Keep a watchful eye as to your habits and reactions – your feelings. Look within at your thoughts and the movement of your heart. Listen to your life. Observe how the world works and interacts but keep a larger view. Pay attention and open your heart and mind to inspiration. Take pauses. Be receptive to your learning. Eventually, the gift of freedom and unimaginable presence will bubble up within you, lifting you up and out of your misdirected ways, and bring you a sparkling and sustainable joy along with all the energy you need to do the work you are here to do. You will learn what love really is and how to extend it and embrace it. It is really that simple. You just get out of your own way. You learn to be.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2019


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The dance of opening to

and closing from

is a daily task

of awareness and


One can be a sponge

who takes everything in –

a misdirected open heart who

ends up suffering

from too much taken on

or garbage thoughts that

end up taking residence.

Learning to filter kindly

what is being presented

while holding fast to what

is true and real

is the Work.

Absorbing the negative

is toxic.

So, keep your eyes open,

be compassionate,

honor who you know you are,

and turn your attention

to the big picture

of your divine identity.

In this way,

immunity is yours

and with that,

the ability to be

truly helpful.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

man on beach

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God in Me


Like the sun
waiting for the earth
to turn towards you,
you wait.

Like roots
thirsty for water,
you reach for me.

Like an audience,
waiting for the story to come together,
for that aha moment
as the meaning sets into mind
and heart,
you long to explode
into hearty applause.

You are the ultimate respecter
of my boundaries
and my journey.
I am amazed at your patience,
as I get so distracted.
Yet you remain,
loving me into
my own dawning.

I can sense your faith in me.
I know you long
for me to give birth to you
in my actions.
The moments when I get it right,
when I can step aside
and allow you through me,
enable you to be visible…
Well, those are the best!

I pray for more of them.
We are in this together.

Copyright © Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

Ayutthaya Historical Park , Ayutthaya , Thailand
Ayutthaya Historical Park , Ayutthaya , Thailand




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Still You

Oh, yes,

The seasons come and go,

bringing new ways

of being.

Sometimes you shine with new growth,

literally bursting at the seams –

brilliant in shiny young green.

And then there are the periods

when what is not needed

must fall away –

the colors indicating

how bold you are

to face the loss

of what is attached.

And yet,

through it all –

despite how the winds have shaken you,

or how crowded your field has become,

you remain.

Your roots run deep,

they grasp, expand,

and strengthen

as your rings widen.

Your center

is deeply connected to the eternal.

So, my friend,

the lesson here

is to understand at your core

that though the changes come –

whether welcomed,

or not,

you are not the changes.

You are

still you.


Copyright © Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

Image created by my sister, Martha Harris

Autumn Tree by Martha