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God in Me


Like the sun
waiting for the earth
to turn towards you,
you wait.

Like roots
thirsty for water,
you reach for me.

Like an audience,
waiting for the story to come together,
for that aha moment
as the meaning sets into mind
and heart,
you long to explode
into hearty applause.

You are the ultimate respecter
of my boundaries
and my journey.
I am amazed at your patience,
as I get so distracted.
Yet you remain,
loving me into
my own dawning.

I can sense your faith in me.
I know you long
for me to give birth to you
in my actions.
The moments when I get it right,
when I can step aside
and allow you through me,
enable you to be visible…
Well, those are the best!

I pray for more of them.
We are in this together.

Copyright © Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

Ayutthaya Historical Park , Ayutthaya , Thailand
Ayutthaya Historical Park , Ayutthaya , Thailand