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Message Received

My love went for a walk yesterday.

It was a sunny day and

the trees were singing.

Each step was an affirmation

of a beautiful day.

Walking is a wonderful way to connect

to the divine,

to our higher purpose.

The rhythm of movement

works like a physical mantra:

             I move forward from my center.  I connect to the ground.

As our muscles propel us,

our heart is lifted,

and we breathe in life,

like a hungry balloon.

Walking gives us the perfect visual

of the spiritual journey…

Sometimes there are bumps to avoid

and hills to climb

or descend.

We are careful not to trip.

Along the way, 

we notice things –

the beauty of the trees,

the dogs being walked,

the smiles of our neighbors.

Walking gives our minds a chance

to wander, too –

to ponder the deep things

while our legs do their work.

On this particular journey,

my love, in a pensive moment,

content with his journey,

and the thoughts nourishing,

looked down.

On the ground was a paper,

and like a message from the beyond,

it spoke these words:

I am Love.”

And just like that,

everything connected.

His heart soared skyward and

the message was received

deeply blessing his soul.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018

I Am Love

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Long Story Short

Loving, but imperfect parents

unwittingly teach the young girl

the wrong lesson

about who she is

and what she can do.

Years pass,

the little girl grows up

with some success,

but with the wrong idea

now settled deep within –

still unknown to her,

dictating her experiences.

Suffering comes.

Suffering goes,

Suffering comes again.

The unhappy pattern

is set in place.

One beautiful day,

an opening begins.

Light and Truth show up –

along with Love and Grace –

and the little girl,

now a grown woman,


Healing arrives,

as insights dawn

over time.

Life begins to unfold ever more


Now the woman understands

who she is,

and can see what life is all about.

Gratitude opens her heart.

She understands her purpose

and she begins

to let go of the old

and allow herself

to heal

and to glow,

knowing that Love and God

are One

and woven into her.

She learns in her healing,

to get out of her own way,

and share this GodLove –

to use her new-found voice

and be Present for others,

and all is well.

She now dwells

in the land of Grace.

Nothing is a problem anymore

and Joy abounds.

The woman welcomes the whispers of Inspiration

and learns Trust.

Freedom arrives

and pain is but a memory.

She lived happily ever after

with GodLove as her guide.

Blessed be!

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018

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Bit by Bit


Her vision widens a bit

this time

as she enters her day

in the same old way.

Perhaps something new will dawn.

His heart dares to stretch

and open a bit wider.

A new kind of surrender

peeks through the song of pain

on constant rewind.

Life itself can open us

to what is real and true,

if allowed.

We discover this

when we trust enough

to peek

from under the many covers

we have pulled over our head.

With each new glimpse,

we allow the Creator

to fashion us more artfully

beyond the many ways

we have allowed our clay

to harden.

Soften or harden?

Open or close?

Yield or tighten the grip?

Ignore or listen?

These are the daily choices

in finding the path

to Grace.

Pay attention.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

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