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Impending Storm

A cloud of geese fly

overhead and in circles

and it mirrors

the dis-ease inside of me

as I wait.

I know it is coming –

the discomfort and pain,

the lack of ease.

The impact.

The busyness of preparations

somehow comforts.

But the inside grip


Some people enjoy

a storm.

Its drama enlivens.

I am learning to be

separate from it.

So I imagine

that I am the sky.

I expand to embrace

and observeā€¦

the storm happens

but I am separate from it.

This way,

storms can be more

a wonder to behold

and I am not in them.

I am in

but not of

the weather.

I can be the sky.

Copyright @ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

birds flocking in dark sky

Poem · Poetry


The dance of opening to

and closing from

is a daily task

of awareness and


One can be a sponge

who takes everything in –

a misdirected open heart who

ends up suffering

from too much taken on

or garbage thoughts that

end up taking residence.

Learning to filter kindly

what is being presented

while holding fast to what

is true and real

is the Work.

Absorbing the negative

is toxic.

So, keep your eyes open,

be compassionate,

honor who you know you are,

and turn your attention

to the big picture

of your divine identity.

In this way,

immunity is yours

and with that,

the ability to be

truly helpful.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2017

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