A New Day Dawns

The glimmers of light

are blooming.

The warmth of healing

is touching my skin.

A new day is dawning

for all to see.

A new day is dawning

for all to heal.

This is a time

to open our hearts,

to allow the pain

to be mended.

Let our hearts be glad

as we reach for each other.

Let our voices sing out

in joy.

The light is here! 

I feel its beam

arising within me.

Copyright @ Cynthia Cady Stanton, Jan. 20, 2021

The time has come to dance and heal.❤️

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Why I love the Morning


I rise early

in the dark and quiet

on purpose.

Just like the blank page calls to me,

so does the new day.

I create an intentional pause

to reflect upon and bow to

the morning I have been given.

You see, for me

Easter happens every morning –

a chance to begin again,

to allow God to be seen

by transforming me.

The stone is always ready

to be rolled away

and a new way of being

is possible.

As the sun rises,

I reflect on whether this day

is finally The Day

I trust this truth completely –

the whispers of hallelujah gently call

so Easter can be born 

in me



Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018