Out of the Weeds

Photo by Vitaliy Mitrofanenko from Pexels

You would think

that by the time we reach maturity,

we would know how

to make the way clear

for ourselves…

And yet,

the patterns continue –

the ones that

face-plant us amidst

the tangle around us.

Those frustrating weeds

of all we hang onto

have pinned us down

and left us feeling powerless.

We still have those times when

we forget how to breathe

and Life itself

needs to breathe for us –

teaching the way from

gasps to sighs to

calming deep breaths.

Eventually, with this fortified

and nurturing air,

we become strong enough,

to be receptive to our own truth.

We are ready to

trust our own insights –

and we can stand free

amidst the tangle

before us..

We understand that

Weeds are just flowers

with an angry history –

and compassion finds us.

Only then can we be

safe and whole even

amidst the weeds.

So, when on the ground,

look up –

examine what has been planted..

Drop the fear of harm

and tripping.

Really see the beauty before you.

Each bud and leaf

represents a lesson gained.

Know that the weeds with the thickest stems

and biggest thorns

have been planted by you

and you alone.

Those are the most stubborn

to pull from the ground –

for their roots are hardened

and run deep.

They require more focus

and strength.

Honor them all.

Once truly witnessed,

these trip wires

have fulfilled their purpose

and the way is made clear.

Do you understand?

Love the weeds.

Elevate each one of them,

giving thanks for their wisdom bestowed.

Wake up to the ways

you have cluttered your own path.

Please don’t despair –

for everyone has weeds on their trail.

The way to freedom

is born in taking responsibility…

elevating the pain we have been feeling,

bowing to it,

and setting it free.

You do not need it anymore

for you have arisen from the rubble


We can clear our own path

if we are brave enough

to nurse the skinned knees and

to cry its tears.

So, pull each weed

and lift it up to the bright blue sky.

You have found your way through.

You can now move forward

and live in joy.

You can be a blessing for the world.

Copyright @ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021

I’m walking uphill, both ways it hurts. I bury my heart here in this dirt. I hope it’s a seed, I hope it works. I need to grow, here I could be. Closer to light, closer to me. Don’t have to do this perfectly. Have I the courage to change?

“Courage” – a song by Pink


On The Rocks

Each step forward seems a challenge…

There are rocks to dodge

and some of them with sharp edges.

Sometimes there is a soft landing

and the sweetness

of toes and heals being held.

This sweetness,

this softness,

lands right into my heart.

But going forward still

feels a chancy endeavor

as painful steps

cause careful navigation.

So I am on alert.

I watch intently for danger.

I don’t want to be wounded.

It is not a relaxing walk.

So the tension builds

in my anticipation of pain.

It kind of takes the joy away

of a walk on the beach.

I notice this –

and I bow to the awareness sparking.

And I stop.

I don’t want to proceed in the usual way.

I take a moment

to breathe in the surf spray.

I attend to the flow of the waves.

They are so peaceful

and effortless –

beautiful, really.

The music of it all

reaches the inner spaces in me –

the ones that need soothing.

I realize that

I need not take a painful path.

I can swim instead.

It has been a long time

since enjoying the grace and baptism

of cool water in the sunshine –

of surrendering to a larger support.

Walking on the rocks alone

is no longer the journey.

I choose to float instead

and learn the art and gift

of buoyancy.

Copyright@Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021


The Small Things

I left it in my sock drawer,

that token so lovingly given.

But the orphaned socks,

with a need to belong to something,

must have swallowed it up.

It was a beautiful item,

glistening with light and color,

and radiating love.

I am annoyed with myself because

this item mattered,

which I now realize – 

after it is gone.

Once again, the lesson

is clear –

I forget to honor the little things –

the tiny details

which easily slip from view

and need attending.

Are you the same?

You know what I mean…

A tiny gesture, a soft whisper, 

the fact that

someone else did the dishes,

for instance,

granting you a moment

to rest or 

create something beautiful –

like a poem.

These are the precious gems.

Each time I press forward

oblivious to the little things,

I promise to be better.

I understand now

the value of attention –

the kind which pauses long enough

to take in the goodness

around me –

and then feel it

in my body

and heart.

My usual way is to push forward

into the next task

or event.  

I am

like a horse 

with blinders on,

trying to win

an imagined race.

I may get there quicker

but I am blind to the life

and blessings

freely given

along the way.

So I pause on purpose

this time.

I open my eyes.

I begin to gather up 

the moments and memories,

and peruse the old photos

in my mind

of all the big and small moments,


I see how life has changed me

in a million tiny ways.

I bow to the growth given.

This is how 

I learn to cherish 

all the small things. 

It is kind of embarrassing

that I have to keep

re-learning this.

But it is okay.

The fact that I care to learn

means my heart is opening

and a deeper peace

and grace

is on the way.

In fact,

it is already

here –

in one tiny flash

of realization. 

Now the way forward

is simple:

Be a beholder:

for the secret

is in the small things.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

Photo by Kobe – on Pexels.com


The well has run dry –

or so it seems.

Life has been wordless

in this season.

There is something churning within

which stalls the poetry.

Whatever it is feels

essential and mysterious.

What I do know is that

I have no patience for simple

right now.

I cannot bear

any glossing over,

or easy finishes.

The necessary dredging

and stages must happen.

I seem to be germinating,

and it isn’t a comfortable process.

What is on the other side

of this hushed season?

It is hard to allow for change –

I don’t much like it.

I like my usual grooves 

which are predictable

and comfortable.

But I don’t get anywhere new

when I am in them.

I don’t live free.

Perhaps this is what

it feels like

to be tight in the shell,

or trapped under hardened ground,

heavy in its lack of nourishment.

I long to transcend to

a new place  –

a place where I have the freedom

to be me,

to speak the words

which bring the light with them.

Realizing what is true

and where wisdom resides,

I begin to see that

I am but a tiny green shoot

about to burst through.

It may feel a challenge

at the start,

but there is the promise

of a stunning bloom. 

I hold onto that

and am reassured.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, May 2021

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And then the day can when the risk to remain tight in the buds more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

Work of Heart

Don’t be so exhausted

by the project

of being you.

We are not designed 

to be so tired.

You already know this to be true.

Witness the ease 

of a blooming flower.

It just does beautifully

what it is meant to do.

Feel the peace that comes

when you walk along a shoreline.

It makes you feel at home.

This peace is available

within you.

Notice the presence in the eyes

of your beloved pet –

you are looking at a teacher

and the lesson is Love.

We belong to this ease,

this peace,

this way of being.

It is not supposed to be

hard work to be here.

So relax.

Allow Life to breathe through you.

Life lives through us.

There is nothing to figure out

or improve.

Simply pay attention,

look within,

and feel it.

All is well.

This is so simple

yet we make it so hard.

We tend to choose our own way,

so we struggle.

We don’t have to.

Copyright: Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021

Our bodies know we belong. Its our thoughts that make us homeless.

John O’Donahue

A New Day Dawns

The glimmers of light

are blooming.

The warmth of healing

is touching my skin.

A new day is dawning

for all to see.

A new day is dawning

for all to heal.

This is a time

to open our hearts,

to allow the pain

to be mended.

Let our hearts be glad

as we reach for each other.

Let our voices sing out

in joy.

The light is here! 

I feel its beam

arising within me.

Copyright @ Cynthia Cady Stanton, Jan. 20, 2021

The time has come to dance and heal.❤️


On The Horizon

There are times in life

when it feels as if

the horizon is all you have.

You want to be lifted

from your current shoreline

which has become rocky

and hard to navigate.

You have been in a season of loss

and your heart is wounded –

too much has changed for you.

In these times,

though the sea spray is still available

to refresh you,

and the music of the sea

still sings to you,

all you can see is the horizon.

Its beauty and hope

calls to your soul.

Its light reflects a joy

you long to feel again.

Its colors bless you with

the beauty of hope bestowed.

So, though your feet are torn

from the sharp edges

you have endured this season,

the horizon remains.

And as you take in its expanse of light,

your feet begin to find

the softer sand

to cradle your toes in warmth.

You remember you belong, after all.

You have found the gift of peace.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, December 24, 2020


Pull Us Closer to Love

Everyday, a wilderness

a challenge,

a pain…

Our hearts and souls

are hard at work.

The world is in turmoil

and cannot be ignored.

We struggle together.

I pray for all of us…

Help us to sort

what is real

and what is not.

Help us to ride the waves of trouble

and not topple over.

Help us to see

what You see

with clear eyes

and hold the vision

of what is possible.

You are the keel

which stabilizes us.

You are the roots

that hold us to solid ground.

Let truth be our shield.

And let Love be our immunity.

Pull us closer

to them both –

right here,

right now.

Don’t allow the sickness we see

to penetrate us.

We cannot be helpful

if we let the poison within.

We can only be infected

and suffer more.

We know who we are.

We know what is just.

We trust what is possible.

We can remain strong

and effective

as we lift our voices 


We listen for Your response.

As we raise our arms

and stretch towards you,

pull us closer to Love.

This is our fervent prayer.

Our lips will continue to repeat this

until it is done.

Pull us closer to Love!

We long to hear its heartbeat.

Copyright: Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2020

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com


There You Are

In this moment,

I can see You.

I can feel You.

You are in my deepening breath.

You are the pause between my thoughts.

You are the beat in my heart.

You are the warmth in my touch.

You are the whispers that call my name.

In this moment,

I can see You.

I can feel You. 

You are the doorway to my soul.

You are the healer that knits me together.

You are the teacher who shows me the way.

In this moment,

I realize with joy

that I am never alone –

for I am in You

and You are in me.

We are in this life together.

I can relax…

for you are my home.

Copyright Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2020

“I am as sure as I live that nothing is so near to me as God. God is nearer to me than I am to myself; my existence depends on the nearness and the presence of God.”

Meister Eckhart

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Look For Them

You can see them on the periphery

or sometimes in small groups.

Often they are alone,

sitting comfortably and quietly observing.

These are the wise ones.

They may be bent by the years

and a little rough around the edges.

They may move slowly 

and with care…

for they have learned to honor the limits.

When in their presence,

look deeply.

Meet their eyes with yours.

You will be stunned by the light of life

which sparkles with the kind of glow

that can only be fashioned over time.

Allow yourself to soak up its wisdom.

Take the time.

Don’t miss this connection.

Instead, know this:

these are the ones to know –

for they long to sing their song for you,

to tell the story.

Life has finally made them real.

If you slow down enough

to take a seat,

you will discover gold.

Copyright© Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2020


“Once you are real you cannot be ugly except to those who don’t understand.”  —Velveteen Rabbit