Blow Me Over


Pour me a cup of coffee

and warm me up

with that gooey, lovely feeling

of being with an old friend.

The movement within my heart

is like a gentle wave

which rocks me –

or a wind which moves me,

opening both my lungs

and my heart, simultaneously.

I could weep at the memory.

How I miss our times together!

We so took for granted

the easy geography of sharing the

parenting of our kids,

the unfolding of our lives as

women caught – but growing through,

the married-wifey-mommy labyrinth.

Each of our paths ended up so different

but what was lasting remained.

We will always be friends,

despite the winds of change which

move through us and

around us, seemingly threatening

our deep connection.

I am not daunted by the wind.

Rather than being intimidated by its roar,

I am moved by the ways

it pushes us together

and opens our hearts ever so powerfully

when we are together.

For that moment,

we can be home

for each other –

and that means everything.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2018

two cups of coffee



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