The Small Things

I left it in my sock drawer,

that token so lovingly given.

But the orphaned socks,

with a need to belong to something,

must have swallowed it up.

It was a beautiful item,

glistening with light and color,

and radiating love.

I am annoyed with myself because

this item mattered,

which I now realize – 

after it is gone.

Once again, the lesson

is clear –

I forget to honor the little things –

the tiny details

which easily slip from view

and need attending.

Are you the same?

You know what I mean…

A tiny gesture, a soft whisper, 

the fact that

someone else did the dishes,

for instance,

granting you a moment

to rest or 

create something beautiful –

like a poem.

These are the precious gems.

Each time I press forward

oblivious to the little things,

I promise to be better.

I understand now

the value of attention –

the kind which pauses long enough

to take in the goodness

around me –

and then feel it

in my body

and heart.

My usual way is to push forward

into the next task

or event.  

I am

like a horse 

with blinders on,

trying to win

an imagined race.

I may get there quicker

but I am blind to the life

and blessings

freely given

along the way.

So I pause on purpose

this time.

I open my eyes.

I begin to gather up 

the moments and memories,

and peruse the old photos

in my mind

of all the big and small moments,


I see how life has changed me

in a million tiny ways.

I bow to the growth given.

This is how 

I learn to cherish 

all the small things. 

It is kind of embarrassing

that I have to keep

re-learning this.

But it is okay.

The fact that I care to learn

means my heart is opening

and a deeper peace

and grace

is on the way.

In fact,

it is already

here –

in one tiny flash

of realization. 

Now the way forward

is simple:

Be a beholder:

for the secret

is in the small things.

Copyright@ Cynthia Cady Stanton, 2021

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

Photo by Kobe – on Pexels.com

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